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Have Peace of Mind With Estate Planning

We understand that talking about death is unpleasant and difficult. However, it’s best to think and plan about it before it’s too late.

Our attorneys admire and help people who spent their lives working hard for their assets. We will help you make sure that these will go to the right heirs and places.

To make this happen, you must carefully choose the person to whom you’ll entrust your assets and wills in the event of your passing or illness.


A True Story

We recently consulted with a loving husband who relayed the following problems. His wife had a mini-stroke more than 15 years ago but was able to recover and was fully competent.

However, they did not take care of their estate planning needs during this time. Now, his wife suffered another stroke and is incompetent to the point where she cannot create any legal documents, such as a living trust nor sign any grant deeds.

This man wants to sell their house so that they can move closer to their children. The problem now is that he will need to seek a conservatorship in order to legally sell their home.

This will take several months and cost several thousands of dollars in legal fees. All of this could have been avoided with a Revocable Living Trust.

Convenient Transfer Process

The main goal of estate planning is to eliminate any potential conflicts among your heirs, including:

  • Children with mental or physical disabilities
  • Irresponsible heirs
  • Large sums of inheritances
  • Separate children from prior marriages
  • Underage children

Aside from that, estate planning provides you with complete privacy over your affairs. You can also avoid the probate process. As a result, transferring assets to your heirs can be fast and easy after you have passed away.


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