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Should a Lawyer Be Brutally Honest?

We believe that being straightforward with them in all aspects of their cases is the best way to serve our injured clients. You won’t find us talking about all of our great successes on our website, as we think that is disingenuous.

Every case is different, the facts are different, the insurance company on the other side is always different, and the defense lawyer on the other side is also different. So, how could other law firms compare those cases to yours? We don’t think that they can.

We are not one of those law firms that sign up every case and have hundreds, if not thousands, on their plate. If we can be of value, then we will take on your case and be your legal advocate.

The Human Story

A case is not about the law, but more about the human story. We want to know about you, from the time you were born to the time of the injury. Our attorneys need to be able to tell a story about YOU.

How has this injury changed your life? What did the injury take away from you and your family? What did the injury leave you with in your life?

If you don’t mind, we would like to come to your home and speak with you, your family, and your friends to discover your “human story.”

Why would we want to come to your home? We need to sit down with you and talk about your life. Our attorneys want to see the family photos, learn about your family’s dynamics, and understand how this injury has affected you.